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• For more information on the two apps that I use to provide my services (

InnovationQ Plus® and IQ Ideas Plus™ by click this link:

• If you prefer to try the applications for yourself, before you buy my services, you can request a demo directly on's website.  If you are impressed by the demos (as I was), and prefer to purchase the applications instead of using my services, I'm sure that would be more than happy to provide you a quote.  I do not benefit financially from any products you purchase directly from, even if you land on their website from my website (at least not currently).


• For full service product development services, click this link:


• For product development coaching services, click this link:



• For assistance with intellectual property (IP) issues, click this link:


• For a do it yourself guide to submitting your own provisional patent application to the USPTO, click this link:


• For help with patent illustrations, click this link:


• To find the location of a like-minded inventors group near you, click this link:


• To view short instructional/inspirational videos on inventing, click this link:


• For weekly podcasts offering practical advice on all things inventing, click this link:


• For help with technical writing, copywriting, marketing, SEO, email advertising, brand consulting, click this link:


• For help with sell sheets and photo realistic renderings, click this link: